Why You Should Choose Up-Lighting for Your Wedding


You can beautifully illuminate your wedding reception with up-lighting. After all, your big day décor deserves to leave a long-lasting impression with each of your wedding guests. From a gorgeous array of colors to the right placement, up-lighting will certainly transform your venue.

However, are you aware of what makes up-lighting so fantastic?

Here at Black Tie Productions, we believe that every wedding should be beautiful! That’s why we have gathered some reasons as to why you should choose up-lighting for your wedding. If you would like to learn what these reasons are, be sure to continue reading to gain some knowledge:

  • Customizable colors. Your big day most likely has a color scheme. Therefore, you will certainly want each element of your décor to complement it. With up-lighting, you can choose any color to illuminate your space with up-lighting, allowing you to create a customized element of décor that will certainly impress your guests.
  • Everchanging. There is no needs to have just one color throughout your event for the entire day. In fact, with up-lighting, you can switch up your colors, as they can change throughout the night. In addition, not every light us to be the same. Each light can be its own color. Or, the lights can alternate for a unique appearance.
  • Easy décor. There is so much hassle to create the perfect centerpieces, choose the best blooms, and adorn each element of your big day with a detail that will “wow” your guests. However, with up-lighting, there is no need to spend so much time on the little details, as there is so much simplicity when setting up the lights. But, just because they are easy doesn’t mean they lack any pizzazz. In fact, up-lighting will add such a powerful punch to your décor.

If you want your wedding to have a unique and beautiful element of décor, up-lighting should certainly be considered! If you are ready to illuminate your wedding with Flint, Michigan up-lighting, please contact us here at Black Tie Productions. In addition, we offer DJs and photo booths for your Flint wedding or event, for all-in-one services.

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