Keep These Wedding Reception Music Basics in Mind

Wedding planners are incredibly talented when it comes to tying weddings together. Each part of your wedding has its own set of rules, such as your entertainment. But, if you aren’t a wedding planner, this may be new territory for you. Knowing the basics for planning a wedding can really be a lifesaver and keep you from making critical wedding mistakes.

Are you aware of what you need for planning your wedding reception music?

Here at Black Tie Productions, we love seeing couples enjoy their wedding reception with their guests. We also want to help you to have a wonderful celebration as well, so we have gathered some wedding reception music basics for you to keep in mind. Would you like to discover what they are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Newlywed Dance. Your wedding day will be a night of firsts as a newlywed couple. Your dance is one of those firsts and deserves the perfect song. Think about a song that speaks to the relationship that you and your partner have, or that holds special meaning to you, as it would certainly be an ideal choice for the moment.
  • The Singles Toss. Singles will gather for two special events; the bouquet toss and the garter toss. These events can be a fun experience for your guests and with the right song will certainly make an impression. Single Ladies by Beyoncé would be a great choice for the bouquet toss, while Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix would be ideal for the garter toss.
  • Culinary Music. No part in your wedding should be silent. Your wedding dinner is no different. There is no doubt that your guests don’t want to sit in awkward silence surrounded by sounds of strangers chewing. Play songs that aren’t too rowdy and allow your guests to mingle and enjoy the festive mood as they take part in indulging in your delicious wedding cuisine.

Now that you have a few basics under your belt, you can plan your reception music with confidence. Here at Black Tie Productions, as a wedding DJ in Flint, Michigan, we are happy to help you showcase flawless music for your celebration. Contact us today to book your Flint wedding DJ, up-lighting, and photo booth.


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