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the Beatles

The Beatles are so iconic within the music industry! For years, you have heard their music, and it continues to still be quite popular even today. If you enjoy music from the past, you can incorporate the Beatles into your big day, in a multitude of ways.

With many songs that the Beatles present, are you aware of some that would be a great addition to events within your wedding?

We love great music! That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some songs by the Beatles that would greatly complement events within your wedding. If you are curious to learn what these songs are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Boys. As all of the single ladies gather to catch your beautiful bridal bouquet, you certainly don’t want this moment to be presented as lackluster. With the right song, you can add some pizzazz! Consider Boys by the Beatles, as this upbeat song will showcase a fun and celebratory sound, prompting all of those single ladies to get excited about the potential to meet a boy.
  • Twist and Shout. What better way to get your wedding guests on the dance floor than by playing a song that promotes nothing but dancing?! Twist and Shout is an ideal choice for creating a festive atmosphere among your dance floor. Your guests will be shaking, twisting, and shouting, which is a great way to get the party started.
  • And I Love Her. Being in love is such a special feeling. You can add some romance to your first dance with And I Love Her. Reflecting that you should give all of your love to your partner, and that a love like yours could never die, this is ultimately a wonderful song to create such an intimate first dance.
  • Here Comes the Sun. As your big day comes to an end, after you have celebrated with all of your guests, it will be time for your last dance. To end the night and start your marriage off right, consider choosing Here Comes the Sun for your farewell dance. This song reflects that no matter what you have gone through in your past, the sun is now rising, allowing you to create a new, positive journey in life together.

Music will enhance your big day! These are just a few songs that you can utilize for those special moments within your wedding. If you are seeking a wedding DJ in Flint, Michigan, please feel free to contact us here at Black Tie Productions. We look forward to presenting your Flint wedding with great music, stunning up-lighting, and festive photo booths.


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