Whoo-hoo... you are planning a wedding!

Hi, I am Craig, one of the Event Heroes here at Black Tie Productions. Do you enjoy saving money?  (Duh!) I wanted to pass along some SPECIAL rates, not even on our website. No decoder ring is needed! Make sure to scroll way down for our SUPER bundling discounts. Cha-ching!! You can save a ton.

What makes the Event Heroes so SUPER?  Organization and communication!!  We supply you with the tools that give us our SUPER powers.  Click below and take a peek at a demo of our online planning area - better known as the Client Hideout.    It's incredible in there!!  Also, make sure to view our SUPER informative interactive brochure.  Again AWESOME!


I will make sure to follow up in 3-5 days.   But do you have any questions now?  Click HERE to Schedule a phone call, Zoom video chat, or meet-up.  Or pick up the phone and give us a call!  1-800-232-9750  Our office hours are 10 am-10 pm/7 days a week.

~As we pride ourselves as the Event Heroes, No capes or superhero attire will be worn at your event. All will be kept classy in a tuxedo-style dress, but with that being said. We can not promise that superhero Underoos won't be worn. But we won't tell anyone if you don't.~

Thanks again for your interest in Black Tie.  We hope to hear from you. (Our fingers and toes are crossed.)

*Current special rates are good for another 14 days

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10AM-10PM/7 days a week

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Email: EventHero@BlackTieProductions.com

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"Let kindess be your superpower today and everyday."

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