Songs That Recent Wedding Polls Have Said to Skip

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There are many wedding polls that you may see as your browse social media sites. These polls are set up to allow brides and grooms to express their opinions about elements that create weddings, such as which cake flavor is best, or what song you should choose for your first dance. These polls are designed to assist you in planning your big day.

Recently, we have discovered a poll that showcases some songs that should be skipped on your big day.

Here at Black Tie Productions, we want your wedding music to be perfect! That’s why we have gathered some of the top songs that wedding polls have said to avoid playing during your reception. Would you like to learn what these songs are? If so, continue reading to discover them:

  • Chicken Dance. We have all heard of the Chicken Dance! It has been filling weddings and parties for years, and continues to still today. However, it has the potential to put a damper on your elegant wedding day. All dressed up in your gorgeous wedding dress, and the groom in his tuxedo or suit, the last thing you probably want to showcase is flapping arms among your wedding dance floor as you try and reflect such elegance.
  • Macarena. The classic Macarena has provided its fair share of fun out on dance floors for years! But, it’s time that it was laid to rest. Overplayed is certainly an understatement when it comes to the Macarena, so you should certainly avoid presenting it on your festive big day.
  • We are family. Yes, you and your partner have joined not only your lives together, but your families too! However, there is no need to play We are Family by Sister Sledge. While it may be a good song, the lyrics will remain stuck in not only your heads, but your guest’s as well. Why put you and your guests through the torture?

With the right music, you wedding reception will certainly be thoroughly enjoyed by your guests. These are just a few songs that you should avoid playing at yours. If you are ready to plan your wedding music with a Flint wedding DJ, please contact us here at Black Tie Productions. We look forward to providing you with a DJ, up-lighting, and photo booth for your Flint, Michigan wedding or event.


Photo Source: – Bruno Cervera

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