Tips for Choosing Songs for Your Wedding

When you want to set the right mood, know there is a perfect song that will help you create the right ambiance. For example, if you are trying to set a romantic mood to accompany your romantic dinner for two, you can use music to do so. It all comes down to finding the right song for the occasion.

Your wedding is no different! As you can choose the perfect songs to create your desired settings.

We believe that your wedding music should create the best environment! That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have put together a few tips for choosing songs for your own wedding. Feel free to read on to learn how you can showcase the best music for your big day:

  • Songs for Your Wedding Festivities. There will be a lot more than dancing and delicious cuisine presented on your wedding day. In fact, you will likely be featuring quite a few traditions, from the bouquet toss to the cutting of your cake. Choosing songs that complement these festivities will create them to be even more celebratory.
  • Meaningful Songs. Have you ever listened to a song, and the lyrics narrated a story that was eerily similar to yours? Where every word just described your relationship perfectly? If so, this song would be a great choice to present during your wedding ceremony, such as for your walk down the aisle. It will be like sharing your loving experiences with your guests.
  • Pay Attention to The Lyrics. Even if a song is catchy, you must still pay attention to the lyrics. Be on the lookout for songs that feature unfavorable wording. Songs that talk about stalking, feature offensive language, or send bad messages, should not be showcased on such a special day.

Your wedding should present great music! These tips can inspire your wedding soundtrack and ensure that your wedding experience is unforgettable. Here at Black Tie Productions, as a Flint wedding DJ, we can add wonderful musical entertainment to your big day. Contact us today to book your wedding DJ, photo booth, and up-lighting in Flint, Michigan.


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