Black Tie Productions "Club Teen" is your premier school & young adult dance DJ  & Photo Booth service. We specialize in school dances. We have provided services at various events from Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, College & Universities Events.

  • Professional Sound Systems and modern Photo Booth setups.

  • Club Style Lighting (including lasers, fog, LEDs).

  • Clean Edits of today's best music.

  • Interactive Emcees that Hype the students.


    How To Hire The Right DJ For Your School Dance! October 25, 2019 Hiring your school’s DJ for your dance might not seem like an important job, but to the students the DJ is the best part! There’s a few things you’ll want to consider when looking into who you should hire as your school’s DJ for a dance. My School Dance covered them for you below: • Price: Many people think that hiring the cheapest DJ is the way to go, but usually that’s never the case. DJ’s should be one of the more expensive expenses for your school’s dance because you want to make sure they’re good and that the students will enjoy them. • Experience: You should always ask the company you are potentially going to hire how long they’ve been in business and how many events the DJ has done. You don’t want to hire someone who has only done one event and doesn’t have much experience. It’s always safer to choose someone who knows what they’re doing and does this all the time. • Social Media Channels: A good thing to look out for is making sure the potential DJ has a few social media channels or a website that showcases their work. A lot of experienced DJ’s will post videos or different events they worked at. This is a great insight into the type of DJ they are. • Music: Find out the type of music/genre they usually use. You’ll want to find out if the music is explicit or if they bleep out vulgar words. Another important thing to find out is if the DJ takes requests. A lot of times during dances, students will go and request a certain song. If the DJ doesn’t take requests that’s usually not the best one you’ll want to go with. • Equipment: Find out what type/brand of equipment they use. A good DJ will be using a well known name brand for their speakers and other equipment. You want the sound quality to be good and loud enough to fill the whole room. • References: Ask the DJ for some references from their most recent event. You can then call up the references and get their opinion on whether they thought the DJ was worth it or not. All of these are crucial things to consider when considering your school’s dance DJ. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a DJ that doesn’t follow up to your criteria. Make sure you’re asking the necessary questions and don’t be afraid to ask them anything. This may seem like a lot of work, but don’t worry! If you’re managing your school’s dance with My School Dance, you’ll have more time to figure all of this out. If you’re not, sign your school up today for free! Let’s face it, having the right music and entertainment is the major key to making your dance successful and fun. Your best choice is to hire a professional DJ who SPECIALIZES IN SCHOOL DANCES. The sad truth, though, is that there are a LOT of people who buy some equipment and claim they are professional DJs. WARNING: These amateurs can ruin your event! We've been doing school dances for 10 years! Here Are 3 Powerful Reasons You Should Let Us Help You Create The Ultimate School Dance POWER REASON #1: RADIO-CLEAN VERSIONS of the hottest, most up-to-date music. We know what the kids want to hear, but understand what music is appropriate. We mix the best selection of only age appropriate music that will make the kids sing, laugh, and dance like crazy, but keep the parents happy. We are pleased to be the only disc jockey service in Lane County who are certified Responsible DJ’s and members of the School Dance Network, a resource that delivers a weekly list of age-appropriate songs along with music to avoid. POWER REASON #2: MORE THAN JUST MUSIC! Photo Booths, Line Dances, Super Fun Contests, Videos, and more! We can make your dance as spectacular as you want! We can work with your budget. We have awesome special effects including lighting, fog machines, lasers, music videos and more! Everyone will be talking about your dance for months! POWER REASON #3: GREAT SOUND WITH BACKUP! You don’t have to worry about a thing. We never charge extra for providing big sound systems, whether you only need two speakers for your venue or a system with 2 subs and 6 speakers we'll have your event covered. I know a couple horror stories about amateur DJs whose only system wasn’t loud enough or didn’t have enough bass, or even worse wouldn’t work when they got to the dance. Think about not having any music at your party. Bad news.