How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Music

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It is important to plan your wedding reception music the right way, as it will be a great enhancement to your big day. Guests will gather to celebrate with you, and expect to have a great time. If you set the right atmosphere with your music, you can ensure that your guests will get out on the dance floor and enjoy the festivities, just as they should.

However, are you aware of how to properly plan your wedding reception music?

While you may think that music is just about songs, there is really much more to it that goes into the creation of your wedding reception. That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some tips to help you plan your wedding reception music. If you are interested in discovering more, be sure to continue reading:

  • The songs. Of course, the songs that you choose for your reception will be of utmost importance. It is crucial to remember that you will have guests all ages attending your big day, and each person will want to listen to sounds that they like. Playing a variety of genres will ensure that you are creating a mix within your sounds, that will overall please each of your guests.
  • The space. While you may have the right music, you need to ensure that it is represented the right way within your space. The placement of your DJ is important. It is ideal to place your DJ against a wall within your reception, then the dance floor, and then your guest’s tables. This way, those who want to dance can experience loud enough music, but the guests who wish to visit among your tables can still comfortably hear one another without the sound being overpowering.
  • The dances. Within your wedding, you will most likely be planning for many dances. The top dances included are usually: first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, money, and a farewell dance. If you plan on incorporating any dances into your big day, you will want to choose a song for each, as well as space them out for appropriate timing throughout your reception. Your DJ can assist you in planning these entertaining dances.

Your wedding is such an important day within your life, and with the right music, it can be remembered as a fun and joyful occasion. If you are ready to begin planning your Flint, Michigan wedding DJ, be sure to contact us today. Black Tie Productions also offers gorgeous up-lighting and eventful photo booth services.

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