Having a great time is a must on your wedding day, so it is only understandable that you will want to keep your wedding dance floor packed. Of course you will have many elements that comprise your big day to be entertaining, such as the food and the cake cutting ceremony, but dancing will truly be where the fun will occur.

However, are you aware of how to keep your wedding dance floor packed.

With dancing being such a big part of your big day, you will want to ensure that your guests remain on the dance floor. That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some tips to assist you in keeping your wedding dance floor packed. If you are interested in gaining some knowledge, be sure to continue reading:

  • Maintain the right volume. When you are out on the dance floor, you certainly won’t want to feel as though your eardrums are being blown out. However, you won’t want to struggle to hear the music either. It is important to discover the right volume for your space, so that you guests can enjoy being on the dance floor. If the right volume is presented, your wedding guests will surely want to keep dancing.
  • Switch up the songs. Surely, when dancing, you will want to dance to songs that you enjoy. If the same the genre is being played over and over, it can old quite quickly. It is important to switch up the songs that are being played, so that each of your wedding guests has a chance to hear something they like.
  • Don’t talk too long. Your DJ will do a wonderful job reading the room and encouraging your wedding guests to get out on the dance floor. However, it is important to not to talk too much. From announcements to encouraging words, you will want to keep the talking to a minimum, as guests will want to be able to dance, and every time talking occurs, the music won’t be as presentable to enjoy.

Having a great time at a wedding is crucial for a successful big day! If you are still on the search for a Flint, Michigan wedding DJ, Black Tie Productions is here for you. Also, we offer fun photo booths and beautiful up-lighting services! Please contact us today to begin planning yours.


Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/ – Anna Pruzhevskaya