Group Dances to Present at Your Wedding


Your wedding will be an incredibly festive celebration! With many guests attending, you will certainly want to ensure that they are thoroughly entertained. You will provide great food and beautiful décor, but, the main source of fun will be out on your dance floor!

Keep These Wedding Reception Music Basic in Mind

Great music will certainly amp up your big day! However, there are some ways to ensure that your celebration thrives even more, such as by presenting group dances.

We believe that every wedding should be fun! That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some group dances that you should consider presenting at your own wedding. Would you like to learn what these dances are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Cupid Shuffle. If you or your guests don’t know how to dance the Cupid Shuffle, don’t worry, as it is an incredibly easy dance to learn. The funky beat presented will certainly get your guests out on the dance floor. By shuffling left to right, guests of all ages will have fun taking part in this dance.
  • The Macarena. The 90’s classic, the Macarena, is a group dance that almost everyone knows! And, if you don’t, you shouldn’t fret, as it is also an incredibly easy dance to learn. Hand movements make the Macarena a fun and interactive dance that each guest will enjoy taking part in.
  • The YMCA. Some may think that the YMCA is cheesy, but it’s overall a fun way to get guests of all ages out on the dance floor! From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can have fun tossing their arms in the air as they showcase the letters of the YMCA. This dance is a great way to get your celebration started.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Ceremony Music

Your wedding dance floor should thrive! These are just a few of the many group dances that you can present to ensure that yours does. Are you ready to book your wedding DJ in Flint, Michigan? If so, you should certainly contact us with us here at Black Tie Productions. In addition to festive DJs, we also present fun Flint photo booths and beautiful up-lighting.


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