As the Groom, have a special dance with your mother at your wedding

Your mother raised you to be the wonderful man you are today, so the bond you share with one another is certainly unbreakable, so you should definitely showcase that in a special way on your wedding day. Having a dance just for you and your mother is a great way to incorporate her into the big day in a truly special way, and it will surely be a heartwarming event for your guests to watch as well.

Seeing as this is a very unique moment, you will definitely want to take great consideration into the details you put into it, such as choosing the right song. Music comes in many forms, so you will want to decide on a song that represents the relationship that you and your mother share.

Here at Black Tie Productions, we understand that choosing just one song can be a daunting task, that is why we have gathered some great options for you, so be sure to continue reading for some wonderful choices:

  • You are the Sunshine of My Life – by Stevie Wonder. What better way to represent the relationship you and your mother share then by expressing that you are the sunshine in each other’s lives?! This song will make you smile as the lyrics are so loving and heartfelt. The lyrics “forever you’ll stay in my heart” can also be meaningful for the both you and your mother, as you will always remain in each other’s hearts.
  • My Wish – by Rascal Flatts. If you were raised listening to country, then this is surely a great song choice for your mother/son dance. “My Wish” expresses that your mother wants nothing but the best for you, and to open your eyes to what life can offer you. This is the perfect song to allow your mother to represent the precious love she has for you.
  • All You Need is Love – by The Beatles. Sometimes we like to dance to something a little more upbeat, so if you and your mother would like to make your dance a bit more unique, this song is a very suitable choice. Representing nothing but love, this song truly shares the meaning that love is all you need to find happiness in this world. Your mother loves you more than anything, so this choice couldn’t be more perfect.

For more great song choices, be sure to take a look at our searchable music database. Not only can you search for Mother/Son dance song options, but others too such as father/daughter, first dance and top playlists from multiple genres.

As you begin to plan the music for your wedding or event, it will seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Black Tie Productions is here to help you make all of your music related decisions by utilizing our experienced Disc Jockeys. Also, we offer fun photo booths and elegant lighting, so be sure to contact us today so we can start making your Michigan event a success.


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