How to Get Your Wedding Guests to Dance

Happy bride & groom first dance in spot light

It is such an honor to provide music that will get your wedding guests to dance. We understand what it takes to develop the right sound for such a special occasion. Music isn’t all about just playing a song, as there is so much more that goes into it to create the right atmosphere for your big day. After all, you will want to get your wedding guests to dance the night away.

Seeing as dancing will be the main form of entertainment for your big day, you will certainly want to ensure that your music presents the right vibe for the dance floor.

Providing tips to couples planning their wedding is such an honor. That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some tips to inform you about how you can get your wedding guests to dance. If you are interested in gaining some knowledge, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Play danceable songs. Many songs fill the world, all of which present their own vibe. Yes, you could certainly dance to any song, but some songs are more difficult to move to than others. For your wedding reception, you will want to play danceable songs. Songs that present a good beat and great rhythm are ideal for keeping your guests on the dance floor. If, however, you have some songs that you would like to incorporate into your big day that you just can’t see being danceable tunes, you can choose to play them for events within your wedding, such as for you entrance or exit.
  • Dance! The most encouraging way to get your guests out on the dance floor, is to dance yourselves! As the bride and groom, this is your big day, and there is no better people to evoke fun among the dance floor than you two. Ask friends and family members to join you on the dance floor, or even have your DJ make an announcement to get everyone one their feet.
  • Group dances. Over time, many dances have evolved in the world that everyone has learned to know and love. While some may be goofy, they will just promote more fun for your big day. Have your DJ present some songs for group dances that your guests can interact with, such as the YMCA, the Macarena, or even the Cupid Shuffle. Even those who might be a little shyer to dance can take part in a fun activity to loosen up.

Each person attending your wedding deserves to have a great time on the dance floor! With these tips, you can promote a fun atmosphere for your reception. If you are still searching for a Flint wedding DJ, Black Tie Productions is ready to meet with you. In addition, we offer elegant up-lighting and memorable Photo Booths. Be sure to contact us today to begin planning the services for your Flint, Michigan wedding.

Photo Source: – John Hope

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