7: ‘EVERYBODY GET UP SO WE CAN GET DOWN!’ At this stage, we invite your guests to join us on the dance floor. Your DJ will play a few songs, varying the tempo so we can interact with your guests and get them up and moving. Usually music that is familiar with all ages. It's time to start working off the fabulous dinner and wedding cake (think Zumba in formal wear). 8: YOU’D THINK IT WAS TOO EARLY TO START THROWING THINGS But that’s exactly what happens next! Here’s the part where people start throwing things about. Don’t blame us—it’s traditional. We will involve as many of your guests as possible but we suggest you have an age limit. Sixteen and above works well, but if there are enough children aged 12 and under, we can have a Teddy Bear Toss especially for them, held before the throwing of flowers. ~Throwing the bouquet In the words of Beyoncé, “ All the single ladies, put your hands!” The tradition is that the person who catches it will be next to marry. We will keep an eye out for any over-eager guests so desperate to get hitched they’ll place other participants in a variety of WWE Wrestling holds to get their hands on those flowers. We may need a whistle! (Make sure someone is videotaping. We may also need instant replay.) ~Throwing the garter Ooooh yeah! Step one remove garter. Step two, toss. This, too, can get ugly or at least messy. Guests seem to think they can multitask with a beer in one hand and catch the garter with the other. Again messy! Have a mop ready. Depending on the exact consumption of booze by this point, it is possible that “one person” will already be wearing the garter as a headband, with the bouquet tucked behind their ear. Believe us. It happens. 9: THE DOLLAR DANCE The final event is the dollar dance. Prior to this event, we set up an area and gather all supplies. We also advise that this event should not take too long. Suggested supplies for the dollar dance: include liquor for shots (...or jelloshots!), mints or candies, and disposable shot glasses. If a funnel is involved, we do recommend a chair nearby for the newlyweds. This could take some time. 10: THE END OF FORMALITY… But Not The Evening. The end of the dollar dance signals the end of formal activities (if you are not having a dollar dance, all formal activities end after the throwing of bridal flowers and garter). Your DJ will then ensure that your guests are entertained until late. This could get a little crazy. Get the cameras out. History is about to be made-or what we call it here at Black Tie... EVIDENCE! That concludes Black Tie’s light-hearted introduction to wedding receptions. We hope you enjoyed it. Talk to your Black Tie Production DJ to arrange your own special format. With our online planning form on our website, you will have complete control over the entire proceedings. On average, the traditional format takes 2 - 3 hours to complete.