We will inform the photographer, videographer, and your guests of this activity, especially if your plan includes cutting the cake with a chainsaw. Then there is time to mingle with guests or to finish any additional formal pictures the photographer may need (note that if a chainsaw has been used or the newlyweds decide the entire cake is for throwing, there will be a short break of about an hour while the floor… ceiling… walls… guests and/or couple are hosed down). This could get interesting. We will make a last call for the buffet if needed. **We highly recommend that you engage our services from the moment your guests start to arrive. This way, your DJ will have full opportunity to organize and execute a perfect event from the beginning. Perfection takes time. 6: THE DANCE OF YOUR LIFE About 20 minutes after the cake cutting is a good time to begin the long awaited dance of your life -the first dance as a married couple. We will call the newlyweds forward, along with the parents and bridal party. There are many different ways to conduct these dances. Here’s the traditional sequence: Dance one: Parental dance Here, the couple honors their parents. These dances can be done together in one song or separate with a total of two songs. It can act as a second giveaway. You want to bring a box of tissues to the dance floor. It’s a tear jerker. (Our advise for the bridal party is to stay calm and cry like babies.) Dance two: Newlywed’s first dance The dance you have dreamed about. The newlywed’s first dance as a couple. This dance usually is a solo dance and only involves you and the person you love the most. A very special moment for a special couple. It’s just the two of you. (And a hush comes across the crowd.) Dance three: Introduction of the parents and bridal party The newlyweds remain on the dance floor. (You look perfect together right where you are.) There are many different ways of conducting these dances. You can start with the Argentinian Tango and segue into the Cha-Cha Slide if you want, though we think traditional is better. Most would follow up with the parents and bridal party joining them on the dance floor. 2: GRAND ENTRANCE Everyone is so excited you have arrived! It's time for the main attraction. We have prepped your guests and staff prior. We will greet the newlyweds and wedding party on arrival to organize the grand entrance. As a variation on this theme, black sheep of the family may be smuggled out of the wedding car and into the hall under a blanket. (You supply the blanket.) From being introduced like the Detroit Pistons to a simple walk in and applause, we can make your grand entrance unforgettable. It's your way thru the doorway. Take a deep breath and “let's get ready to rumblllllllle!” 3: THE GENTLE ART OF PRE-DINNER MINGLING If time allows, following the grand entrance, the newlyweds can mingle with their guests. For those unfamiliar with the proper etiquette here, Black Tie is considering running mingling classes next fall. (Our class credits are transferable.) We can inform your guests that dinner is to be served and that they should take their seats. We will already have poured Champagne for the toasts. We will coordinate with the person chosen to give the dinner prayer and make sure the best man and maid of honor know that toasts will immediately follow. Again organized and straight to dinner. You and your guests are starved! (In all honesty, we need to get something pronto to soak up the alcohol from the open bar your guests took full advantage of. Cheers!) 4: FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS, PRAYERS, TOASTS When the caterer is ready to serve dinner, your DJ will formally welcome your guests on behalf of the couple. The prayer follows, then toasts and/or other announcement. After that, your DJ will inform guests that they will be released by tables to attend the buffet or that they should remain seated if you are providing a sit-down dinner. If your caterer does not release tables, your Disc Jockey will be glad to serve as Maitre’d. (Your DJ will NOT accept cash tips from your Great Uncle Otis to be released first. Maybe second but not first!) Bon Appetit! 5: CUTTING THE CAKE - Nice or Naughty? Will the cake fly? Will it be sweet and cute? Or has one of you had a secret plan the entire time and been practicing smashing twinkies in a friend’s face to perfect the one opportunity? We shall see! After dinner comes the traditional cutting of the cake.