From the front room of a suburban condo to theOval Office, you’d be hard pushed to find a venue that could not betaken to infinity and beyond usingBlack Tie Productions LED up-lighting. Usingup-lights to illuminate walls and columns, even trees and shrubbery—there reallyare no limits to the creative uses ofup-lighting—creates an aesthetic ambiencefor your reception. Withan infinite palette ofcolors to choose from, you can be confident that our up-lighting will beautifully match the look and feel you have chosen for your day. Our up-lightingweddingpackage includes a FREE monogram projection. It’s just like you are in Hollywood. Your names will be projected in a bright white light on the dance floor or wall area. Itlooks great and is a constant reminder ofwhat theevent is about—THE TWO OF YOU! We find more people take a picture ofthis monogram than the cake! Also included is 4pin spotlights to shine on drapery, highlight the cake table, sweets table, beverage location, or any other area that needs a little more attention. Guests got to be able to find the cake!