The boothis availableto your guests as often as they wantduringthe whole evening. We find guests especiallykeen to use the boothwhen they first arrive.Wewill ofcourse eject anyone who wants tooccupy the booth for the duration, accompanied bya 40 Oz can of Milwaukee's Best . Likewise, thetechnicianwill attempt to stop anyoneconvinced that the photo boothis a form ofconfessional- before theyspilltoo many beans. Our photo boothminimum is a full 6 hours!And even 7 hours if you close duringdinner. You may find our competitors only offer 4 hours and arrive duringdinner to setup and ready after dinner. Think ofthis: Your photo boothis a great way to entertain your guests when they first arrive.Black Tie photos taken duringthe first couple ofhourstend to be a bit formal. Gradually,however, as people grow livelier andthe party mood escalates, the photo boothis quicklytransformed into an epic center ofsilliness. More for your money. Formal, crazy, and totally out ofcontrol!! We do believe our booths are just plain GREAT! And our staffis fun, professional and a little crazy. What more do you need for a perfect photo boothexperience? By whichwe mean awarningabout being serious. Ifyou are planningto be serious—don’t. Ifyou actuallyprefer your reception photoboothphotographs straightlace , we maynot bethe service for you. Black Tie’s Photo Booths have been magnificently designedwithsilliness firstin mind. Way beyond the crazy selfies you are so known for. To upthe "fun" bar,we provideprops free ofcharge. We are nottalkingthe basic mustacheon a stickthat gets broke within the firsthour. Premiumprops for everyone! Hats, glasses, boas, guitars, signs, and otherfun articles. This will encourage your guests toreturntothe booth throughout the nightfor some lightheartedfun or a ton ofstraight-forward stupidity. Weare good eitherway!