Songs to Avoid Playing During Your Wedding Reception

With music being the main form of entertainment at a wedding reception, surely you only want to present songs that will amp up your celebration! There are so many songs that you can choose to comprise your big day playlist. But, there are some that you will want to avoid.

Are you aware that there are actually some songs that sound as though they would be a loving addition to your big day, but actually have an entirely different meaning?

We believe that every wedding should showcase quality music. That’s why, here at Black Tie Productions, we have gathered some songs that you will want to avoid playing at your own wedding reception. Are you ready to learn what these songs are? If so, continue reading to discover them:

  • Just the Two of Us. Yes, your wedding is all about you and your partner. However, playing Just the Two of Us by Bill Whithers won’t add to romance. In fact, this song is actually about the bond between a father and his son, not the intimacy of two people in love.
  • I Will Always Love You. Always being in love with your partner is truly something to cherish. However, presenting I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston at your wedding reception will not evoke that. This song may sound loving, but it’s actually about one person still being in love with another, even though the relationship has ended. That certainly doesn’t sound like a happy song to showcase at such a loving event.
  • Every Breath You Take. If you want to play a song at your wedding that sounds as though you are stalking your partner, consider Every Breath You Take by the Police. While watching and enjoying every move your partner makes may seem loving, it could also emit a creepy vibe, which would not add to the happy and festive atmosphere of your big day.

Every wedding should have music that complements the love that the couple shares. These are just a few songs that you will want to avoid presenting at your own wedding reception. Here at Black Tie Productions, we are more than ready to be your Flint, Michigan wedding DJ. Please get in touch with us today to book your wedding DJ in Flint, along with beautiful up-lighting and memorable photo booths.


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