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Event DJ Services      (Non-Wedding)

Event DJ Services      (Non-Wedding)


What’s included?    EVERYTHING!

Celebrating 35 years!

We have been doing this wedding thing since 1982.  Can you say experience?  We were around for the first MTv music video. (Yes they actually played music video’s.)

We also do have a full time office staff in a real office avialable 10am-10pm/7 days a week.  We do not believe in answering machine or voicemail.  And we actually love to text.

Master Of Ceremonies

From the first guest arrival, to the grand entrance to the final dance we take care of every announcement.  Our DJ’s are trained professionals.  Your event will be go smooth. Ryan Seacrest has got nothing on us.  We are the host with the most.  Not just some yahoo with a microphone.

Over 75,000 Music Selections

Yep we got that.  And that.  And that too! You can scan our music library above and we also provide you will an online music request system.  Just another Black Tie tool to make your wedding day customized to you!

Superman In A Tuxedo?

Our DJ’s don’t just sweat the big stuff, they sweat the small stuff too, so you don’t have to.  Many small details play a part in making your day special.   Our online planning forms will help our SUPER crew delivery your event as you direct while delivery beyond your expectations.   Again SUPERMAN with a mic & headphones!

Great Sound & Lighting

We are no Walmart DJ in a box. Our gear is professional and realible. Our speaker systems are BOSE brand.  They fill a room without taking it over.  Your guests will be able to mingle at their tables and still be able to get down on the dance floor.  But just incase back-up is always onsite.  The show must go on!  We also include energetic dance floor lighting at no additional charge.  ~Pretty darn cool. cool.

Event DJ Services      (Non-Wedding)

Your Black Tie Disc Jockey

Our DJ’s do dress in tuxedo. We will look the part perfectly.   Not only do we sound great. We look great too.  Prior to your big day your  DJ will meet with you to discuss your event in detail.  Your DJ will take care of many, many details.  (See our brochure for details.)  They our like multitasking ninja’s.  An organized event is a sussessful event.  Smooth is the word!