Create the perfect first dance as the Bride and Groom, one that won’t be forgotten!

Your wedding consists of many events, such as the bouquet toss and the cutting of the wedding cake, however, the most intimate activity you will take part in as the bride and groom will be your first dance. Even though the first dance only last a couple minutes, it is important that it is planned to perfection.

Did you know that many factors actually go into creating a wonderful first dance? From the dance moves you perform, to the song you choose, each element is what builds up this beautiful moment.

Allow your first dance to be a musical statement of your love for one another, and create a moment that not only will be greatly enjoyed by you, but provide as a great form of entertainment for your guests as well. If you are seeking to create a memorable moment for your wedding reception, Black Tie Productions has gathered all of the tips to creating the perfect first dance:

Lyrics and rhythm. Songs come in many different genres, and each person has their own taste in regards to the type of music they prefer. From rock to rap, you definitely have a large variety of options to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect song for your first dance. When deciding on yours, think about the rhythm first, are you wanting a nice and slow song? Or maybe the opportunity to put on more of a performance for your guests with a more upbeat option. Once you have decided on your song speed, next try and incorporate lyrics within it that represent the love story you and your to-be share. Find a song with loving words and relevant topics to your life to make it a more personal experience.
Your moves. If you are like most of the world’s population, you probably weren’t born a natural dancer, so consider taking some choreography or dance lessons beforehand as it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Most often, people don’t dance regularly, so the last thing you want is to get up in front of your guests without any practice. Lessons are a great way to learn proper techniques and to gain confidence for the big day by knowing what to expect. Also, it is a great way to bond and enjoy spending time with your special someone and do a more relaxing activity through all of the hectic wedding planning.

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The atmosphere. You can create an intimate ambiance, perfect for your first dance, through many forms of special effects. From the lighting to even fog machines, each minor element can have you floating on the clouds as if no one is in the room except for you and your newlywed. Black Tie Productions offers lighting services that can completely transform any space into a beautiful work of art, take a look at how we can help set the mood for your special moment with lighting.

Your wedding is your big day, and it should be nothing less than picture perfect. Working with a company that can tie together all of your entertainment needs for the day you tie the knot will make your planning so much easier. From Disc Jockeys, lighting and photo booths, you will be all set to making sure your guests have a wonderful time by utilizing Black Tie Productions. We can’t wait to make your Michigan wedding a success!

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