Create a music program so that your wedding ceremony flows with ease

No one said planning a wedding was easy, in fact, it can be quite hectic and overwhelming at times. However, that is not how it should be, and you should be at ease throughout your planning and actually enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. When you are choosing your wedding music you will have a lot of decisions to make, types of genres, slow songs, fast songs, lyrics…the list will certainly flow on and on, so it is important to make the best decisions when it comes to all of these factors.

Here at Black Tie Productions, we understand what it takes to prepare the music for your big day, which is why we have created a guide for you to follow which will allow you to assemble a great wedding ceremony program, so be sure to read on for insight:

  • The number of songs. Many events occur throughout your wedding ceremony, and these events will determine the number of songs you should be incorporating into it. When reading below, consider choosing a song for each “Yes” answer, or choose the same song for a combination of answers for the ceremony to continue flowing.
    • Are you going to be seating any special family members, such as parents or grandparents?
    • Are you going to have the groom walk down the aisle?
    • Are you going to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle?
    • Are you going to have a flower girl or ring bearer? And will they be walking down the aisle together or separate?
    • Are you going to incorporate any traditions? Such as the lighting of unity candles or a communion?
    • Are you going to walk back down the aisle when the ceremony is over?
  • Style of music. It is your wedding, so you should certainly stick to your roots when choosing the music that you plan to play during your ceremony. Choose songs that represent your love for one another as a couple and remember that there is no book of rules when it comes to planning your wedding music, so you can either be traditional or out-of-the-box.
    • The theme you incorporate into your wedding will play a major factor in the songs you choose, from country to even Star Wars, you can pick any song that will flow you comfortably down the aisle.
    • Do keep in mind thought that you will most likely have people of all ages and all music tastes attending your wedding, so try and choose songs that please the ears of all and yourself as well.
    • Be sure to take a look at our searchable music database so you can view the most popular songs from each genre for some inspiration.

If you are seeking a company who strives to bring fun and professionalism to your wedding or event, be sure to look into Black Tie Productions. From Disc Jockeys, photo booths and lighting, we have your Michigan wedding or event ready to be entertained, so be sure to contact us today.

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