2018 Wedding Music Rules to Keep in Mind

Planning your wedding music to perfection is of importance! After all, it will be the main for of entertainment for your big day and deserves to be celebratory. With the presentation of great music, you can guarantee that both you and your guests will have a night to remember.

Have you started planning your wedding music yet?

Here at Black Tie Productions, we want your wedding day to be a night to remember! That’s why we have gathered some wedding music rules for 2018 that you will want to keep in mind for your own big day. If you are ready to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Choose Meaningful Songs for Events. Your wedding day is all about you! So, it should certainly be meaningful. By choosing meaningful songs for your wedding ceremony, you can add personalization to your big day. So, for your first dance, bouquet and garter tosses, cake cutting ceremony…know that you can choose a unique song for each.
  • Keep the Vibe Upbeat. A dull wedding won’t be enjoyed by your guests! Therefore, you will certainly want to keep the vibe upbeat. Presenting a slow song here and there is alright, but overall you will want to showcase upbeat tunes that will keep everyone out on the dance floor.
  • Variety Is of Importance. How many guests will you have attending your wedding? Probably a lot! It important to remember that each guest has their own taste in music. Therefore, you will want to showcase a variety of genres to please the ears of all. When developing your playlist, make it diverse, so that you ensure that everyone hears songs that they enjoy.

With the presentation of great music, you can ensure that you please all of your guests. These are just a few rules you will want to keep in mind when planning yours. If you are all set to book your Flint, Michigan wedding DJ, please get in touch with us here at Black Tie Productions. We would be grateful to present your wedding DJ, up-lighting, and photo booth in Flint.


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